Pot Brush – Light Head

Simplistic design meets perfect practicality.


About the maker

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Bürstenfabrik Keller

The history of Bürstenfabrik Keller spans almost 150 years. Johann Baptist Keller established the company in 1869 and initially specialised in the production of brushwoods. Around 1920, the company additionally began to manufacture functional brushes, selling them throughout Germany and beyond. To enable the company to operate flexibly and to maintain its focus on the customer it continues to cover the entire depth of production. This means that all work processes from the processing of the raw wood to the completed and printed brush can be executed here on company premises. The company has remained at its historical site in Todtnau in the Black Forest right up to the present day, and with Jasmin and Andreas Keller it is family-owned in the fifth generation – a tradition which is also a commitment.

Buying Process

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Specifically, Hive will aim to ensure that all its products;

  1. Are manufactured sustainably
  2. Do not contain toxic materials or ozone-depleting substances
  3. Can be recycled and/or are produced from recycled materials
  4. Are made from renewable materials where possible
  5. Do not make use of excessive packaging
  6. Are designed to be repairable and not “throwaway”
  7. Are manufactured where workers are treated fairly, and offered a fair wage and safe working environment

Where was it made, by whom, and in what conditions?

During the decades of rampant globalisation, such questions were rarely asked. Today, ensuring more transparent supply chains and production cycles is increasingly important worldwide. Transparency directly impacts on customers’ trust in the product, and sustainability performance. Hive will stock high quality items from suppliers who are socially, economically and environmentally responsible, so everyone gets a fair deal. This shift in responsible consumption goes hand-in-hand with a heightened consciousness toward environmental sustainability, which is no longer an option for luxury homeware. Hive’s green procurement process will ensure that items are produced and supplied in a sustainable fashion.