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Ahead of our preview event, we have collaborated with the up-and-coming artist and illustrator, Lucy Dickson. We met for coffee to find out more about her process and current work.

Interview with Lucy Dickson

Hi Lucy, thanks for meeting up, and of course a huge thank you for your beautiful design.

No worries, it has been great working with Hive – I can’t wait to see the first collection preview.


So Lucy, tell us more about your design background.

Well I started my art education at Hereford Art College, doing an ND in art & design. I loved it there! I went on to do a Degree in Illustration. I think my art crosses the lines into the design and fine art as well and that has come from an education where experimentation was encouraged.


What inspires your designs? Although your work is varied, you can always tell it’s one of yours.

I guess my love of the aesthetic, to be vague! But it would be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. I love colour and bold shapes, nature, animals and the environment comes into my work a lot. I also love working abstractly, it feels quite meditative working like that.


Do you have a project that has made you proud to be part of?

I recently did a very exciting job for a top-secret client which will launch next year, that’s very exciting and I was proud to be asked by them!


I imagine as an artist you must have many influences – who inspires you?

Pretty much everyone who is making art! It takes bravery and you have to jump into it. I work with teenagers a lot and they inspire me in a big way. To name a few artists, Grayson Perry, Anna Kovecses, Marcus Oakley, Atelier Bingo, BFGF and of course classics like Matisse, Keith Haring, David Hockney. Matisse will always have a huge influence on me, I saw his cut-outs exhibition a few years ago and it blew me away.


What would be your dream project to work on?

To be honest, I just love getting the chance to create art for a living, so most projects I get are dream projects! I would love to work abroad though.


See more of Lucy’s work: here