Our Brand Values

Hive was founded in 2017 by Shaun Houcke as a shop for people who want to buy less, but better.

Statement from the Founder

“I wanted to open a homeware store selling everyday items and objects, with an emphasis on simplicity and good design. I believe that everyday objects form part of the ritual of life and that the good design of these objects can improve the everyday.”

“Before I started to put together our first collection, I spent time outlining the values I wanted Hive to hold. I felt it was important to have a benchmark of ideals that we could use to assess everything we did and the products we would stock. Today these values are still at the centre of what we do and will continue to be – however the business grows.”

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    Hive is not only environmentally and socially conscious, but also conscious of the moment – some would call this mindful. We understand that a true appreciation of the every day is not a skill that everyone has innately, but it is certainly one that can be learnt. We encourage our customers, through the relationships, we build with them, and the items that they purchase from us, to celebrate craft, embrace longevity, and redefine their understanding of ‘value’.

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    Our morals, values and ethical codes see that our standards of quality, craft and care are kept at the highest levels at all times. From our relationships with our customers to the rigorous and meticulous sourcing of the items in our collections, we ensure that if a Hive product is bought, it is for life.

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    We will employ and work with the best designers, creatives and craftspeople day in and day out to ensure our standards and quality assurance remain steadfast, whilst our trend-awareness and creative horizons are constantly challenged and refreshed.

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    Hive is your favourite mug on a Sunday Morning; the soft light cast by a long-serving reading lamp; the satisfying scratchiness of a pure wool blanket. Hive is the comfort brought about by the consistent, the reliable and the familiar – the best of life.

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    We believe that consumerism and the intensely quick pace of the modern high-street have muted customers innate appreciation of form, craft, care and skill. Instead of simplicity and informed-choices, we favour impulse purchases and a bargain at any cost. Hive seeks to act as a sanctuary from modern-day commercialism, and foster an ethos and mindset that promotes investing in items that are loved and caring for them to ensure they last a lifetime.